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What's New In System Solutions

Lutron's Arc-fault Breaker DIN Panel

Features and benefits

  • Single panel solution on all load types (phase control, 0-10V, EcoSystem, switched, motor) reduces job complexity

  • Reduces wall footprint by combining load center and dimming panel into a single enclosure

  • Terminal blocks bypass modules without rewriting, for easier installation and troubleshooting

  • Co-located (with respective modules) breakers improve troubleshooting and diagnostics

  • Tested Breaker reduces AFCI false tripping

  • Panel fits in standard 2x4 depth stud bays

  • Breaker access door prevents accidental tripping

  • Works with all existing DIN rail power modules

How will this solution help? Lower installation cost and simplified wiring increases revenue Product differentiation - no other manufacturer offers DIN panels with AFCI breakers built directly into them

HomeWorks QS Upgrade Packages System Solutions

HomeWorks QS

Lutron's HomeWorks QS Upgrade Packages Features and benefits

  • Enables existing HomeWorks customers to upgrade to HomeWorks QS to take advantage of the latest Lutron innovations, such as voice control and remote app control

  • Packages together the necessary pieces to start a HomeWorks QS upgrade

  • Offers a substantial discount over purchasing pieces a la carte

  • Simplifies the process compared to the existing upgrade promotional program

How will this solution help? Expands upgrade opportunities by lowering the price point for customers wishing to keep what they have Simplifies the upgrade program, no more sending equipment back

New Custom Engraved Controls

System Solutions

Pico Controls

Lutron's New Custom Engraved Pico Controls for RA2 Select Features and benefits

  • 4-button scene Pico Keypads can now be customized with the different text and icons

  • Buttons can be individually configured via the Lutron App

How will this solution help? Homeowners can get a more personalized experience with their RA2 Select system

What's New In

Shading Solutions

Palladiom Shading

Lutron's Palladiom Shading System Enhancements Features and benifits

  • Extended brackets to support roll diameters up to 3.5", essentially expanding selection of fabrics that can cover a 12' tall window

  • Palladiom shades design kits are now available and include end, center, and jamb brackets in Satin Nickel, samples of all additional finishes, Palladiom bottom rail samples, polishing cloth, and presentation cloth

How this solution will help? These new finishes, the extended brackets, and decorative covers make Palladiom a more versatile solution for discerning clients, while the design kit samples help you show, tell, and sell Palladiom.

Voice Control

Shading Solutions

Voice Control

Lutron's Voice Control For Shades Features and benefits

  • Makes it easy to control automated shades without using confusing voice commands (i.e. Turn on my shades/Turn off my shades) or having to incorporate shades into a scene

  • Compatible with Serena, Triathlon, Sivoia QS, and Palladiom shading system platforms

How this solution will help? Makes it easier to promote voice control of Lutron shades because users don't have to remember complicated and confusing commands. (Lutron is one of the initial manufactures using a more streamlines voice command structure for shade control.)

What's New In

Fixture Solutions

Lutron _ Ketra

Lutron + Ketra Homeworks QS Enhancements

Features and benifits

  • LED logic on buttons containing Ketra will automatically update any time Ketra light levels are changed

  • Control both Ketra and Lutron from the Lutron Connect app with or without Internet

  • Control both Ketra and Lutron from a unified voice skill

  • Monitor zone light levels from the Lutron Connect app

  • Easily assign Ketra scenes to buttons from HomeWorks QS software

How will this solution help?

Importing Ketra Design Studio programming into the Lutron HomeWorks QS database

Making changes to existing scenes in Design Studio without resending or retransferring HomeWorks QS programming

What's New In



MyLutron - New e-tools

Features and benefits

  • Streamline processes, enhance communication, and improve visibility for all stakeholders, making it easier and more profitable to do business with Lutron

How this solution will help?

MyBusiness, Myprojects, and myOrders provide you with all the training, tools, support, programs, and technology you need to deliver a high-quality Lutron experience to your customers

MyServices provides remote troubleshooting and diagnostics for a higher level of service, for fast, low-cost support

Pro Points

The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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