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The Future of Lighting

Case studies have been conducted that outline the fact that it is integral for the human mind, body, and behavior to receive a consistent sleep-wake cycle. Straying from a consistent sleep-wake cycle can have major negative implications on our productivity, health, and overall well-being in general. Light has a profound impact on the maintenance of our sleep-wake cycle.That is why Ketra has developed the future of lighting technology designed to optimize and ensure the ideal cycle in homes to improve productivity, mood, as well as mental and physical health.

Human-Centric Lighting: The Future of the Industry

Human-centric lighting is at the cutting edge of the lighting technology industry. Human-centric lighting is the term used to refer to lighting systems that adapt to ensure most conducive to utmost health and wellness for your body. This system mimics the spectrum of daylight and carries out color temperature and illumination changes throughout the day most similar to natural daylight because that is optimal for the human body and mind. The system is essentially an artificial sunrise to sunset. Case studies conducted in office spaces, schools, hospitals and more underline that these human-centric lighting systems have shown to improve alertness, mood, and well-being.

Adverse Effects of Improper Lighting Systems

Research has shown that improper lighting systems can adversely affect the sleep-wake cycle - which can help give way to long term and short term problems. Excess subjection to blue-rich light at night time is directly correlated to disruption of our sleep-wake cycle. In the short-term, disruption of the sleep-wake cycle can cause fatigue, reduced physical and mental performance, reduced productivity, irritability, prevent individuals from feeling fresh in the morning, and cause that groggy morning wake up. Research has suggested that this disruption can give way to long term issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, mood and sleep disorders. Link to Additional Resource - Article by USAI Lighting

Human-Centric Lighting Solution Provider

Ketra/Lutron The two companies work together to provide top quality lighting systems that “precisely mimics the color temperature and intensity of natural light, dynamically and imperceptibly shifting throughout the day. Bright light energizes you in the morning, and warm light calms you in the evening," according to Ketra.

The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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