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Sonnen Energy Is Yours

Energy Automation for the ultimate smart home

Engineered in the energy village Wildpoldsried, the award winning sonnenBatterie is one of the world's most popular lithium based energy storage systems. Over 18,000 households around the world are using the sonnenBatterie today to safely store their self-produced energy. sonnen U.S.A. products are manufactured and the sonnenBatterie fulfills the highest demands on safety and quality thus protecting your investment in the long run. Powered by Crestron The sonnenCommunity

SonnenBatterie Eco Solar Batter Backup For Homes

ecoLinx System

Taking the smart home to a whole new level The sonnenBatterie is an all-inclusive, smart energy management system for your home. Inside of every elegantly designed sonnenBatterie unit, you'll find not only extremely safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery modules but also a built-in inverter and intelligent energy manager software that perfectly operates the system. In contrast to most other battery storage systems on the market, sonnen uses the best- in-class components that are perfectly attuned to each other - ensuring maximum longevity and the highest quality in a minimum of space.


Sonnen Eco

Tesla Battery Solution

The Eco stored the extra energy that your solar panels collect Next, to Tesla, Sonnen might be the most well-known name in the energy storage industry. Sonnen announced its Eco, which would serve as a battery designed specifically for home use. The Eco is a wholly integrated energy storage system which comes with smart energy software and an inverter. Homeowners that want to install a smart energy storage system will want to use a battery like the Eco. It stores extra solar power and allows you to use it later in the day. Using the excess energy means you're going to increase your energy savings on a regular basis.

Energy Efficiency


East Hampton

Parts of the Hamptons and Miami are adopting the energy efficiency standards

Energy sustainability advocates are pressing East Hampton Town to employ a new set of building standards, already in use in Southampton Town, that would require the use of highly progressive energy saving technology to constrict energy usage by large homes.

Communities are popping up everywhere with off the grid capabilities to share solar energy while charging their backup battery in the most efficient and cleanest way possible. With that said, if there was a hurricane, a blizzard or a power outage, you'd have the capability to remain up and running. No loss of power or spoiled food because of this energy automation.

Smart Weather Forecasting

Smart Configurable Backup

Advanced Features

Detect severe weather, Sonnen alerts homeowners of a potential power outage and uses dealer-defined rules to automatically increase the energy reserve, ensuring that the ample backup power is stored to prepare you for the worst.

Smart configureable backup gives users the ability to select from dealer-defined backup power strategies when an outage occurs (e.g. how long stored power will last). The power goes out and the user receives a notification asking them to choose how they would like to utilize their available backup power.


"Thanks to the launch of the sonnet ecoLinx, we now have the ability and the product to harness the power of the sun. With sonnet, we can now provide a local, reliable energy solution that sustainably powers and enhances the living environment of our clients' dream homes - and benifits the environment of the planet in which we all live."

- Gordon Van Zuiden, cyberManor

The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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