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Sonance Product Spotlight

Our utmost gratitude goes out to Sonance as they were gracious enough to host us at the beautiful Ranch Hotel in Laguna Beach, California for product training, best practices, and to get a feel for the Sonance company culture. Read on for a few of our greatest takeaways!

Here are a few of our favorites you don't want to miss.

Sonance Visual Performance Series

The Sonance Visual Performance Series is the perfect speaker set for providing top quality functionality, subtle sleek appearance, while also not breaking the bank. Featuring a renowned low-profile grille that blends into walls and ceilings, the speakers are almost visually undetectable, yet provide top quality audio. This series has a range of specialty application speakers, multiple performance levels, and comes in small, medium, large, round, square, and rectangle tailored to the designers preference. Crafted utilizing innovative design and computer modeling software to assure top-notch satisfaction in every category and price point. Assembled from best-in-class materials that are rigid, yet lightweight assures pin-point detail and precise sound reproduction.

Sonance Reference Series

Praised as one the most tonally accurate and precise line of speakers out, the Reference Series are designed to excellence. Equipped with brand new driver technology and consistent tonal matching provides for effortless mixing and matching of speaker and subwoofer models for outstanding performance. Developed to give the optimal cinema experience in any room, the Sonance Reference can be installed in-wall, in-ceiling, and also as cabinet speakers. Similar to the Visual Performance Series, the Reference Series features paintable, low-profile design that blends right in to its background. This series is compatible with various types of home construction, are extremely easy to install, and has identical footprints to Visual Performance Cinema so the systems can be upgraded to Reference and avoid construction changes.

Sonance Landscape Series

Sonance Landscape Series is an outdoor speaker system designed to vanish into your landscape. The system delivers uniformly even coverage across your whole space, unrivaled sonic performance, and can be heard in the direction pointed so to avoid disturbing neighbors. Speakers come in very subtle above ground satellite models to below the surface subwoofers that are completely invisible from sight behind foliage. Regarded by many as the world's best sounding outdoor audio system you are sure to shock your guests when hosting an outdoor gathering. The speakers are strategically placed around the perimeter of your yard to distribute evenly across the whole area while camouflaging into surroundings. Despite being virtually invisible, precise sound radiates throughout the given area. In addition to being impeccably subtle and providing the top quality audio presence, the Landscape Series is fully scalable, easily expandable, built to handle even the most extreme of climates, and has extraordinarily versatile mounting options to be strategically positioned in just about any location in the yard whether it be in a patch of flowers, high up on a tree limb, or perched on a pergola.

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