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Mind Blowing Speakers

Mind Blowing Speakers In-Wall & Standing

Sound & Style

Are In-Wall Speakers Right For You?

Audio enthusiasts care about how a room looks and how great the sound is. Fortunately, there's a simple solution: in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which mount flush in a wall or ceiling and thus don't take up any floor space. You can even paint or wallpaper over the speakers to make them look like part of the room. Let's get the sound quality issue out of the way right now. We've always wondered how many of the audiophiles who deride in-walls have actually heard a good pair. We have tested several dozen of them, and many were excellent. Here are our Top 3 Favorite Speakers That Offer Quality and Style!

1.) Origin Acoustics Director Collection

Origin Acoustics

The Director Collection This collection was designed and voiced in Eugene, Oregon by the team who developed the first in-ceiling speakers over forty years ago. Each part is intentionally graceful, functional, and contributes to the larger whole. The advancements of the Director Collection are unique to Origin Acoustics, and can only be found in our products. The speakers install into smaller cut-outs. We've chosen to use premium materials like Kevlar or Glassfiber, to ensure long lasting clear audio. The unique tool-less installation system makes upgrading to whole home audio quick and easy. And our speakers have the most flexibility in aiming, ensuring you will always hear the audio as it was intended. 10" Inch Series

2.) James LoudSpeaker

Flushmount To Subwoofer

James LoudSpeaker

James LoudSpeaker

Complete with a wide variety of styles that include everything from surface mount speakers that require stud framing to flush mount speakers that seamlessly integrate into the wall, and even architectural speakers that hide inside the wall with a simple port for sound to escape, there is no limit to the solutions we make available to our valued clientele.

Everything from subwoofers to architectural speakers for both new construction and retrofit applications, we strive to offer no-compromise solutions to all your audio needs. Great sound has never looked so good.

3.) Revel

Floor Standing Speakers


About Revel Concerta Revel loudspeakers are renowned the world over for their award-winning sound quality, courtesy of advanced transducer designs and proprietary acoustic technology. The Concerta Subwoofer and Satellite loudspeakers bring that legendary Revel sound to your home theater in a compact surround system that fits virtually any budget. Are Standing Speakers Right For You? Floorstanding speakers have been a cornerstone of home audio systems for decades. Also known as tower speakers, they are able to deliver a big and full sound that's difficult to match. Even as more complex home theater systems have become common, they remain the go-to workhorses that provide the most important part of surround sound. Revel Concerta M8

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