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Lutron and Sonos

Lutron and Sonos Control Lights, shades, and sound from anywhere. Lutron brings the convenience of a smart home to your fingertips, with light and shade control. And Lutron also works seamlessly with Sonos for simple and convenient control of sound alongside lights and shades.

Your clients can enjoy one-touch control of their Sonos wireless speakers with the Pico remote control for audio. Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume all from their fingertips.

Get more out of light and music with the Lutron App. Spice up dinner at the touch of a button. Wake up to low lights and high-fidelity songs with scheduled scenes. Or have lights and speakers automatically turn on/off once you're within a set distance from home with the geofencing feature.

Sonos Home Sound System

Bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom. No matter where you want to kick back, there's a Sonos Home Sound System that will sound great in that room.

Getting started is easy

We can help you design and integrate a Sonos system with Lutron Controls. Don't have Lutron? Give Architechnology Designs a call, or send us an email, and we will show you how easy and affordable it is!

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