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James Loudspeaker Audio Perfection

There are literally hundreds of speaker brands available. They appeal to every demographic available, from the mass market to niche pursuits, from barely usable to the refined, and from the ugly to finely polished. How do you choose?

We have found that when home consumers want an audio system installed in their house, it's not just the quality that matters - the visual appeal, or aesthetics is equally important. James Loudspeaker is one audio speaker manufacturer that our customers are consistently pleased with. So from our own experience in the smart home and home audio market.

James Loudspeaker



James Loudspeaker has some unique features from other speaker manufacturers, such as complete customization, and hidden installation. But those features really don't matter if the audio quality is lacking.

From our tests and real-life implementation, we can honestly say that this is not a concern! Even with their small aperture speakers, a full range of sound is present despite a 3 inch or 4 inch opening. Many brands often struggle with landscape audio systems, but we have found James Loudspeaker's systems to be the best that we've heard - a perfect solution for lying around the pool or watching the game on your patio.


Not Seen


One of the additional benefits of design customization is that your speakers can become practically invisible! We have seen their speakers hidden into wood furniture, the wall, the ceiling, with existing electronics, and more. Now you can have a beautiful surround sound system in any room of your house without the visual eyesore. As the picture above shows, the speakers are hidden into the wall. This is a perfect example of how hidden speakers are mixed with a completely hidden home theater system.

James Loudspeaker



Subwoofers with strong bass are known to stand out and in the way. But James Loudspeaker has a unique and hidden solution for this. They hide subwoofers by piping the low frequencies through a small vent. Audio bliss, customization, and the ability to disappear - these are just a few of the reasons why we recommend and install James Loudspeaker. And these are benefits that we mention simply from dealing with a variety of audio speaker brands and years of experience.

James Loudspeaker

Contact us to find out how we can help you get James Loudspeaker into YOUR house!

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