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Importance of Reliable Wifi Network

“If a cake has 45 basic ingredients, the network is the flour. The most important ingredient of the cake is the network. No matter how good the other 44 ingredients are, if the flour is bad, the whole cake is bad. Access Networks allows us to have a definable, repeatable process.” – Jay Bakaler

The engine and driving force behind a smart home is a proper home network. Nothing is more frustrating than relaxing in the comfort of your home or stepping outside for some fresh air, only to realize you have lost wifi connection.

The majority of a homes devices function thanks to the network connection, so it is integral to have a strong connection within the home. That is why Architechnology Designs is partnered with Access Networks providing the finest enterprise-grade solutions for both indoor and outdoor connection at any location on your property.

Exquisite Products With Superior Functionality

Delivering WiFi was a labor intensive hit or miss process before Access Networks developed a complete network solution, now it is a smooth and seamless operation. Our preferred products for flawless network integration are the A610 for indoor connection and the B300 for outdoor connection. We also utilize a C120 wireless controller (zone director) which can let a larger wifi system function without fail.

Access Networks Live Monitoring

With Access Networks newly implemented Live Monitoring Helix you will have a team on standby devoted to making sure your network connection is running smoothly. The Live Monitoring Helix device was designed to save time with proactive monitoring to quickly resolve issues and provide immediate support from a certified IT staff should any connection problems occur.

AVNation Coverage of Access Networks At Cedia2019

The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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