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Football Season Calls for a New Television

Watch Every Game The Right Way

On Your 100" Screen

100 inch Screen

Bring the big screen to your living room with an Epson 4K PRO-UHD HDR projector and 100" screen for under $3,600!

An integral part of watching football is a large room or screen. The main thing at home is a large screen, and the big screen is a projector.

Epson, the number-one projector manufacturer in the world, introduced the Pro Cinema 4050 4K PRO-UHD1 Projector with HDR2 - offering an immersive 4K viewing experience with high brightness, extensive color and incredible detail. This premium home theater projector leverages Epson's new, proprietary 4K PRO-UHD technology which features an improved version of Epson's advanced pixel-shifting, resolution-enhancement technology,1 along with an expansive color gamut, high dynamic range and 100 percent balanced color brightness to display stunning 4K content with an extraordinary range of color and detail in every scene.

Epson Pro Cinema PRO-UHD 4050

Epson Projector

An exceptional 4K experience for the professionally installed home theater. Bring the ultimate 4K experience to your professionally installed home theater with the Epson® Pro Cinema 4050 4K PRO-UHD projector. Epson 4K PRO-UHD projectors use our proprietary, advanced pixel-shifting resolution-enhancement technology1 to display native 4K content. Wide Color Gamut, HDR High Dynamic Range and 100% Balanced Color Brightness deliver an exceptional 4K experience. Show movies the way they were meant to be seen - on the big screen, with bright, full color; stunning resolution; and no rainbow effect. It's an exceptionally immersive viewing experience that will impress any guest. Shop Now

Sports & Projectors

The Perfect Combination

Home Cinema

Have the cinema experience without a dedicated private theater room When designing your home to entertain both your family and guests, you can transition instantaneously. Switch from an elegant Monet or a Venetian mirror to a flat-screen TV as the tide of your conversations change from art to sports or entertainment with a Samsung Frame TV, or a Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV. Hide your bedroom television within the bed frame or the ceiling for a more elegant look. We create unique and discreet solutions for each project, with minimal impact to your home's aesthetics.


100" Screen Is A Win

Epson 100 inch Screen

Architechnology Designs will meet you in the end zone

A projector is your ticket to larger than life football, basketball and baseball games. Projectors produce the best value in big screen viewing, with a much lower cost-per-inch compared to flat screens. Here are a few reasons why we'd choose projectors over flat screens any day:

* Projectors product GIANT images.

* Projectors are not fixed in size. You can have 30 to 300 inches depending on your mood.

* Projectors are cheaper to ship than TV's

* Projectors work with DVD and Blu-ray players, iPads and iPhones, PlayStation 3 and many other sources.

* Hands down, a projector is the closest way to replicate watching a movie in a theater.

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