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Elegant Glass Touch Keypads

Vitrea Keypad

Designed down to the details for total control of your home.

Designed down to the details for total control of your home.

With more than 25 years of experience in the telecom and communication industries, Vitrea, stands out as an innovative leader in home automation technology. Engineers and designers contribute the best of both worlds to make exquisite products with superior functionality.

Exquisite Products With Superior Functionality

Vitrea Gloss Black

The Vitrea Vision Our vision is to enable home and business owners to be able to control and connect their interior spaces in an elegant yet simple and affordable way. To achieve this, Vitrea develops beautifully designed, innovative and reliable solutions for every interior space.

State Of The Art Glass

Touch Electric Switches

Vitrea Glass Keypad

Reliability and stability are a top priority for Vitrea which is why we use only premium-quality components and materials VTouch Classic switches flawlessly combine extraordinary design and innovative technology to transform your home or office into a unique space that is perfectly you. These customized glass touch switches will add an extra element of luxury to any interior while giving you even more control then typical electric switches.

VTouch Classic


Electronic Switches

Our digital switches combine impeccable design and sophistication with reliability and safety. Vitrea's blend of touch control technology and electronic switches offers a wide variety of unique features that cannot be incorporated into a simple mechanical switch. Touch technology makes these switches easy to use and having the option to set your own predefined lighting conditions mean ambience is just a press away. Our signature adjustable blue LED lighting softly glows from the switch to offer convenience even in the dark.

VTouch Cresnet

Exclusively For Crestron Systmems

Customizable Options

These new keypads launched by Vitrea are now Crestron Connected devices, which feature a chic and modern design for Crestron's smart home systems.

The 2-way communication network between Crestron and our elegant glass keypads offers the following integration possibilities: LED light identification: Crestron's system can fully control the variety of options on each touch button. Communicate and customize: configure how and which commands are set for each touch button: press / release / short press / long press / double press

Vitrea Integration

The New Luxury Keypads

The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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