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Create Your Perfect Crestron Home

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Crestron Home

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible user experience at the heart of everything we design

There is a simple reason why Crestron is the undisputed leader of the home automation industry - delivering the best user experience by far. Crestron designs, manufactures and supports the full spectrum of home automation products and solutions to ensure unparalleled performance and reliability for you and your family.

Crestron Stories: Josh Cartu

For You And Your Family

Lighting Control Set The Perfect Scene

Crestron Lighting

The Crestron lighting control range offers efficiency with convenience With the Crestron Lighting Control range, you don't just get a luxury and convenient lighting system, you get an energy efficient home. Imagine a home where your lighting works intelligently, turning lights on and off depending on who's in the room, or combined with curtain and blind control for seamless automated scenes that changed depending on how much daylight is present. A Crestron lighting control system is a perfect addition to any home automation or commercial project when you need control, energy efficiency and convenience in one reliable system.

Luxury Blinds

Transform Any Room

Crestron Shades

Crestron motorized shades and drapery systems transform any room into a more spectacular space Crestron is a long standing favourite brand within the smart home world and continues to be the market leader for premium and highly intelligent home technology. They have taken home technology one step further with the introduction of Crestron Shades. Crestron Shades is a luxury collection of motorized blinds and drapery that allows precise control of natural light with just one touch of a button.

Crestron Video

Viewing Experience

Crestron Home Entertainment

Crestron has raised the bar again

If you are building your dream home and want access to all of your video and multi-media sources on every flat-screen and projector in the house, with the highest resolutions, the deepest color spectrum and full compatibility with all of the latest sound format, and while having all of this equipment in a central equipment rack, then Crestron's Digital Media NVX system may be your answer.

Touch Screens

Beautifully Designed

Crestron Touch Panel

Crestron has raised the bar again

Technology should simplify your life. Home automation should protect you, entertain you, keep you comfortable and accommodate every lifestyle. Some of today's modern homes are truly complex facilities, so how do you integrate all the different electronic equipment and systems throughout your house and make them work for you? Fortunately, there's a simple solution. Crestron makes home automation technology practical and easy to use, with seamless, harmonized integration of your whole house audio and video, home theatre, lighting, security, climate, communications, internet and more.

Hands on with Crestron home automation


Set The Perfect Temperature Always

Crestron Climate

Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season

The wireless connection to the control system allows the functions of the CHV-TSTATEX to be controlled from touch screens, keypads, wireless remotes, computers, or even a mobile device. It supports unlimited flexibility for remote control, scheduling, and integration with other devices and systems. In the event that communication with the control system is disrupted for any reason, the CHV-TSTATEX will remain operable to control the HVAC system

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