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Bring Natural Light Home with Ketra by Lutron


Introducing the first architectural grade lighting system for your home

The best light is natural. With Ketra lighting you can control natural light that is just right for each moment. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, personalized lighting seamlessly adapts to each task and every occasion.

Ketra Natural Lighting Systems

Natural Light For Every Part Of Your Life


Ketra's complete color profile and advanced warm dimming capabilities Enhance finishes precisely and capture each moment with Ketra. LED efficiency and a few key smart controls might have been the biggest innovations in consumer lighting in recent years, but innovations in the commercial space can take things a whole lot further. Offering high-efficiency RGB customization and constant self-checks to maintain a cohesive lighting scheme, Ketra's bulbs have begun to reshape modern offices. Now, the LED lights have launched smart home capabilities and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Crestron, and Lutron.

Natural Light

Bring Your Spaces To Life


The ability to tweak lighting on the fly Turntable, full spectrum light has the power to transform surfaces, textiles and organic objects, quite literally showcasing your home in it's best light, all the time. The Ketra lights simulate sunlight, shifting in color throughout the day. Plus, thanks to the custom driver chip found in all Ketra lamps and luminaires, these products should stay true to its intended color and vibrancy throughout its lifetime.

What A Bright Idea

Smart Lights


Lamps do much more than provide light these days!

Ketra may look like another fancy bulb, but the technology behind this smart light is pretty unbelievable. The company's LED lighting systems use WiFi to sync up with your internal body clock and adjust themselves throughout the day. By matching natural light patterns, Ketra can improve productivity and positively impact your health. Ketra was initially used in many commercial spaces, but the company has recently expanded into residential products, as well.

Natural Light

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