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Bowers & Wilkins Spotlight

Architechnology Designs is proud to announce we now offer the most prestigious name in hi-fi. Experience the world's finest award-winning wireless speakers, indoor & outdoor audio, and home theatre systems Bowers & Wilkins has to offer.

About Bowers & Wilkins Bowers & Wilkins was established in the town of Worth in South England in the 1960s. John Bowers began assembling audio systems in the workshop of his electronics shop. Today, Bowers & Wilkins is a brand that is synonymous with innovation, optimal performance, and excellence. B&W offers everything from traditional systems to the most modern audio applications in precision home speakers, headphones, custom installation and performance car audio products that set new standards for innovation and sound quality.

Some of Bowers & Wilkins Innovations

800 D3 Floorstanding Speaker

The 800 D3 is the flagship speaker of Bowers & Wilkins, driven by technological innovation. This speaker is the perfect system for the traditionalist and the true audiophile. The 800 D3 is a 3-way vented box system, has a frequency range of 13Hz to 35kHz, and comes in black, white or rosenut color.

Formation Series

Formation Bar

Formation Duo

Formation Audio

Formation Flex

Formation Wedge

Formation Bass

Contrary to the 800 Series, the Formation Series is for those who prefer a more modern approach to their sound systems with wireless options and all the latest in cutting edge design.The Formation Bass can be coupled with any of the other Formation speakers to deliver the highest form of sound. The systems offer streamlined user interface which takes just seconds to configure and begin playing. Equipped with wireless technology that creates for the perfected speaker synchronization and 96/24 bit audio resolution, any system from the Formation Series is sure to go above and beyond expectations.

Custom Install

Home Theater - CT800

The CT800 are the ideal home theatre speakers for an unparalleled, uncompromised experience. The CT800 embodies high fidelity sound system, combining power, clarity, and control. The CT800 offers what many speakers can not as it provides optimal sound for playing both music and cinematic audio. The speakers are virtually invisible within your home theater, however the system will have you fully immersed in the program you are watching as if you are actually within the production, from hearing the drops of rain fall around you to the rumble of a vehicles engine.

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The Best Integrated Homes Provided By Architechnology Designs

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